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Han's Royal Garden Boutique Hotel Beijing is located on one side of the dragon vein along the central axis of the Forbidden City. Since ancient times, princes, princesses, Beizi Baile and rich merchants have gathered here. The hotel is adjacent to Guozijian in the East, Shichahai in the west, Bauhinia city in the south, bell and Drum Tower in the north, Jingshan mountain and three mountains in the North Sea. It was the imperial capital of the time, with fireworks weaving and Yingyan singing.
It is the world famous small luxury hotel alliance ? Luxury ? Hotels ? of ? The ? The members of world in China are luxury boutique hotels built on the basis of the palace of the general of the northern military division of the Qing Dynasty, with centralized traditional cultural buildings and the comfort of modern luxury hotels.
The hotel adopts the traditional Chinese gardening technology, showing the elegant and grand Royal spirit everywhere. There are precious calligraphy and painting furnishings, red sandalwood and rosewood furniture, and treasures in the courtyard. The hotel has a variety of luxury suites of Chinese and Western styles. It is also equipped with magnificent Chinese restaurant, royal residence reception hall, authentic imperial food, tea, Royal Hall, theater, romantic Italian restaurant, bar, cigar bar, red wine house, aromatherapy spa area and other high-end supporting facilities. Here, the combination of Chinese and western, ancient and modern blend, let you enjoy the emperor like special treatment in the melodious silk and bamboo, the fragrance of mahogany.

Breakfast price: CNY98($14.6) / person
Breakfast type: Chinese